Difference drives innovation.
- kevin prosper

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Is cheating getting worse?

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We no longer value having a person anymore, we’re so quick to move on to the next best thing never taking the time out to fix a problem anymore.

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Taking Feminism to an extreme

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I have mixed emotions on what they’re standing for? Are we standing for equal rights? Or are we just being bitter because of the past years of oppression now we finally have a voice we’re speaking out?

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Interflect is a creative studio that involves everything from generating ideas and being able to give practical and useful Visionary

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How Do we feel about art?

Interflect feels that art is the way to see diversity, seeing the perspectives in all kinds of art from photographers , writers , painters sculptures and much more . Art is a way of expressing ones self and to let the viewers think. The fact that art is so diverse , it creates a cause for many conversations . Every person has an opinion and the majority will always share their critique. 

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