Akeile Benjamin

what inspires you to do art?

“The initial inspiration came from my father who was once an artist, I was heavily inspired by him to do Art. Cartoons and other animated shows soon become another reason I wanted to do Art.”

When did you start art?

 “I’m not too sure when exactly but probably when I was 3.”

What did you want your art to do? Meaning did you want it to inspire? Reach on the biggest platform? Etc

“In my eyes, Art is very therapeutic. I am able to use it as an outlet in order to express myself freely in any way I can. I want it to inspire others to create anything their heart desires, to create a world of their own.”

What Are your biggest challenges being an artist?

“I was always used to being told that my Art was perfect by my peers and teachers. However once I started to receive actual criticism about my Art, it was hard to accept it. Even though it was beneficial and constructive.”

How do you feel about art today?

“Art is something that allows people to create what words can’t express. It is receiving more recognition and appreciation. However, I still feel as though it’s not appreciated enough. Art should be something that is widely encouraged, allowing individuals to express themselves freely and uniquely”

The Art