1st. Tea Salmon

2nd. Rocco Santopietro

3rd. Shamore Southwell

Winner Has been Chosen

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1st Gen Black And White Portrait Contest

Contest Theme

Black and WhitePortrait


The Competition is open to professional and amateur photographers and only to those who are 18 years of age or older as of the date of entry. The Competition is open to legal residents from all over the world and is void where prohibited by their local law.


This contest is Free for Entry

Copyrights & Usage Rights:​

The participant retains copyright of all submitted images and descriptions.

By entering the competition, you grant Interflect and its partners a non-exclusive, royalty-free, irrevocable license to publish images for any purpose directly connected with the competition. This includes: display on the Interflect website and on the websites of partners; on social media used by Interflect and its supporters; for use in marketing and communication purposes.

Interflect will always mention the entrant’s full name in connection with the publication of the submitted images. We will use your first and last name as supplied during the entry process.

Winner Prizes 

  • $300EC for 1st place
  • 1st place winner picture will be featured on Interflect website and social media page
  • 1st place will be displayed as Photographer of the month


  1. Each participant may submit 1 image.
  2. The photographer must be the author of the pictures submitted in his/her/their name.
  3. Pictures can be submitted whether or not they have been published.
  4. Pictures must meet the following specifications:

    • Upload images with the original pixel size (unless cropped). Do not scale and do not change the resolution.
    • It must be uploaded in JPEG format with high-quality compression. 
  5. Pictures must not show the name of the photographer, agency, or publication, or any other information (these details can be included in the metadata of the pictures but must not be visible on the picture itself).
  6. Pictures taken at restricted events (that is, events where only photographers commissioned by those organizing the event, for example, governments, political parties, or corporations have access), are not accepted.
  7. Submission of photography starts Thursday, June 11th and ends Monday, June 25th

Submission Ending In

The Deadline has passed