Glenroy Aaron

what inspires you to do art?

Art has always been second nature to me, a way to have fun, as a I got older, the inspiring material that’s available so easily living in the Caribbean (as well as fun) keeps me passionate about my work.

When did you start art?

There isn’t a specific point in time where I realized my love for art, but my earliest memories of creating go as far back as the age of five.

What did you want your art to do? Meaning did you want it to inspire? Reach on the biggest platform? Etc

My biggest objectives with my work encourage others to come forward and showcase their work, as well to ensure that I experience all aspects of art for myself and to not be limited to any one genre. Which makes my journey all the more exciting, I must admit. 

What Are your biggest challenges being an artist?

The challenge that I (and other local artists) have experienced most is the fact that our local art industry isn’t as developed as it could be, which provides a few setbacks, but it doesn’t dim the determination to keep working.

How do you feel about art today?

I love the way art has evolved over the years. Presently, all restrictions that were once set in place that defined what was ‘good art’ has all been erased. There’s always someone who will love what you create. However, locally, I believe that our really young artists aren’t being given the full opportunity to give art a solid chance and some get discouraged by entrance of tertiary level education. Therefore, it is essential that we constantly work with the mindset of building up our local industry so that in the future, others are able to use our work as a foundation to take development even further than we have.

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