Is cheating getting worse?

Is cheating getting worse? 

I personally think so..yes.

We no longer value having a person anymore, we’re so quick to move on to the next best thing never taking the time out to fix a problem anymore. I think we’ve become greedy within a relationship. Why do I say that?

Yes, we want to be in a relationship but we want to have another person or two to satisfy different needs. We’ve lost the true meaning of “respect” not even love because you can love some and still hurt them. That word respect? We’ve lost the true meaning of it. We don’t care about how our partner will feel about it, once a cheater gets what they want, that’s all that matters at the moment till they get caught. 

Sometimes people want to defend their actions saying it was “innocent “ or a “flirt” but the real question is if you wouldn’t do it in front of your partner then, why do it in the first place? It has now become the norm to be a better liar in a relationship than actually being honest and faithful in one. Is cheating getting worse? yes, and people are getting bolder and better at it.

You can know who you are and what you value in a relationship if you can understand what the word “commitment” means to you. If you value commitment I personally think you could ever cheat.

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