what inspires you to do Photography?

“You’re doing the thing you enjoy doing more than anything else. You’re happy and free from the stresses of your life. Perhaps you’ve figured out our own recipe to living a fulfilling life. You can’t express this clever little formula nor can anyone else successfully replicate it, because it’s yours. But you want to help people and drive them to be the best version of themselves, much like you are the best version of yourself. So what do you do? For me the answer is clear and that is to take “pictures”. I convey my vision of reality into the image and let the viewer draw whatever substance they need. They see what they need to see, feel what they must feel, so as to spark thoughts that they had to spark in order to do whatever must be done to satisfy themself. Maybe my work reminds them of a time or place they wish not to return to. Maybe its the contrary, and from my art, they clearly envision their aspirations. I don’t always know what effect my photos have on people but there is a level of connection between myself and the viewer. To be clear, I draw inspiration from the potential to inspire. “

When did you start photography?

 “About 3 years ago I recall going about my regular morning routine in getting ready for school. It was sometime early in the year so every morning you’d come outside there would be fresh dew on the grass. Of course, the moisture attracted many of those African snails that are invasive and when I’d step outside they would be scattered about the lawn, trailing to seek refuge before the sun could dry them out. On this particular morning, I only recall seeing one particular snail which was traversing over a blade of grass almost as a rock climber would the final meters of a cliff. The little snail expelled an aura of triumph. At the time I did not have a DSLR, only the camera of my smartphone. Still, the photo came out quite remarkable. The summer of that year I received a starter kit containing an introductory level camera and traveled to New York. I can’t necessarily say that I’ve been taking photos ever since…but that was the awakening so to speak. To this day I use that very same DSLR.”

What did you want your photography to do? Meaning did you want it to inspire? Reach on the biggest platform? Etc

“I’m not sure how far it will take me but I suppose that I want to be the best at what I do. Maybe my young and ignorant mind has much to learn and experience but for the time being, I want a legacy. So that what a create today can serve people long after I’m able to create. The intentions of my work are good and so overall I’d want it to impact the lives of as many people as possible. More so to give to those who need and to stop those who don’t stop taking. I believe that I’m a long way away from this but hopefully, I can inspire even one person to do at least what they perceive to be the right thing. As much as I care about my work is meaningful, there are also just some photos simply look nice. And that’s enough satisfaction for me.”

What Are your biggest challenges being a photographer?

“Oftentimes you might hear that the hardest part about photography is knowing where to stand. This is true…but very simplified. The challenges range from composition to tones, to lighting, to settings, etc. There are all of the physical challenges that I, just like any other photographer, has faced. However, the biggest challenge is determining my weaknesses and areas of improvement. In a world of false praise and silence critics, you often have to be your harshest critic in order to continue improving. This…and also convincing an Antiguan to buy art.”

How would you describe your photography style?

“Simply complex. I’ve attached my “best photo” as a ‘Profile photo’. Mainly because even after rolling back the archives I couldn’t find any decent quality photos of myself. (I’m usually the one behind the camera). Also, my profile photo is how I’d like to be recognized by the public for the time being. I hope this does not cause any significant inconvenience to you.”

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