Stella Photography

what inspires you to do Photography?

” What inspired me to do photography? Honestly, I love to see people’s expressions, the excitement on their faces to see how happy they could be and also capturing memorable moments. “

When did you start photography?

 “I started photography in July 2018”

What did you want your photography to do? Meaning did you want it to inspire? Reach on the biggest platform? Etc

“At first I did not know where to start, or what my greatest goal would be when I first started, I want my photography to inspire others and bring joy because I started knowing little to nothing but gradually over time gained knowledge and along the way met some very interesting people, and learned from them as well.”

What Are your biggest challenges being a photographer?

“my biggest challenge being a photographer is posing individuals, I haven’t grasp being comfortable doing so.”

How would you describe your photography style?

“I would love to be well balanced in all forms of photography but for now, I guess my photography classed as fashion.”

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