Stephon Andrew

what inspires you to do art?

“Anything inspires me to do art, I jus like to create… Especially if it has alot of details, and also if its based on things I’ve seen growing up… For example movies, music, anything.. I get inspired by anything”

When did you start art?

 “I started art around 5.. I started drawing then and went from there.”

What did you want your art to do? Meaning did you want it to inspire? Reach on the biggest platform? Etc

“I want my art to inspire, reach the biggest platforms.. And also, I want ppl to experience the same feeling I get when I create it. So it’s almost as if they did it, in a way.”

What Are your biggest challenges being an artist?

“Biggest challenges, probably marketing.. I need to work on that.. But with time, I’ll get better at it… Also, another challenge is knowing the fact that ppl may not appreciate the art for what it’s worth in the place that I live… Like maybe if I were elsewhere, they’d understand its true value.”

How do you feel about art today?

“Art today? As in art in the world? If that… I like artists today, not many rules. Well, they’re pushing the boundaries of what can be defined as art. And everyone has their own style, which is good, versatility.”

The Art