Taking Feminism to an extreme

Taking feminism to an extreme……

I have mixed emotions on what they’re standing for? Are we standing for equal rights? Or are we just being bitter because of the past years of oppression now we finally have a voice we’re speaking out?…. but are we starting to make insane requests? Are we demanding too much? Are roles changing? Are they becoming more problems within the economy even the household? 

Now let me say a few things I stand for : 

Equal Pay

Why does a man deserve more than me for the same job that we’re doing? What’s the difference? Because he’s a man his work would be legitimate than mine? The thoughts of a woman’s work being better than a mans is simply an outrageous idea huh? Well no. Equal pay is deserved.

Sexual harassment

I can not stress this enough! You do not have the right to feel that a male must do as he pleases to a woman just because his “masculinity” makes him feel like he should and has the right to. It’s unfair that a woman can’t walk alone because of predators, unfair I can’t be comfortable in my own body without feeling I’ll be assaulted, I want to feel comfortable in my skin without feeling like I want to cover up and hide away because there too much masculine energy around me.

Reproductive rights

My issues reflect what a woman needs to direct her own life ! If I don’t want to have a child I’m not obligated to! I have rights to my own body when I say “I don’t want to have a baby” . Imagine getting rape and getting pregnant.. do we see how messed up that is ? The trauma of having to deal with something that caused you excruciating pain and mental strain? But yet we must deal with it and once put in the difficult position then now making the harsh decision of getting rid of it, the amount of abuse and discrimination a woman will face is ridiculous! 

Feminism has even made it extremely hard to find an identity for yourself! Men and women not knowing which sex to be… men no longer being men and women no longer being women despite their biological differences, men grow up in a culture of toxic masculinity that is not only unhealthy for women and women encouraging the toxicity because they want a challenge to prove their superiority! But it’s crazy how it’s not taking it to the extreme. Sigh… anyway

We have many things to fight for that impact women’s decisions and I, talking about the workplace discrimination, either experienced or anticipated; a lack of women-friendly policies and resources in the workplace; persistent stereotypes that steer women and men toward different education, training, and career paths; different societal expectations for wives compared to husbands and mothers compared to fathers; and a bucket load of sexism.

All I’m going to say is… I’m a mindful feminist in the streets but once I’m home my man becomes the king.

And that’s how I feel about taking feminism to an extreme.

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