When you’re just not fit for a Hike

During this COVID 19 it has been the most difficult time for people like me who are extroverts and really need to get out of the house. I am a person who lives the nightlife, And I’m talking about restaurants, late-night beach, drives, movies anything nightlife I’m about it! But since everything has been closed down there isn’t much to do anymore.

So lately my partner and I have been looking for activities to do around the island just to have a little fun, freedom and to bond a bit more. At first, I thought to myself “what’s there in Antigua to do? “ and I got nowhere because sometimes It honestly feels like it’s the same thing over and over again.

During the weekend I was scrolling through my Instagram and I saw most of the people I follow who live here on the island have been posting pictures and talking about hiking! And I haven’t been on a hike since I was 7, So I said to myself “hmmm…okay this looks like fun” but would we actually do it? Cause well I am not the most athletic person and not really into walking, sweating or just anything to do with to much activity, but either way I dragged his a** and said “let’s do this” like an adrenaline junkie dad.

So we woke up early and decided we would go to “ goat hill” because well, we’re not the most organized people and we needed to find a place fast. So we got there and do you remember when I said I am not athletic? Like, at all, Well I was feeling it the first 5 minutes into the walk like “Whoo yea! Hike!” But lost that excitement very quickly when we started strutting up the hill and During this hike I remembered that my partner was very athletic in his days and did stuff like this on a regular and he has lots of energy so he was skipping up the hill with no effort saying “Let’s go babe! We’re almost there” , where as I was a panting mess taking breaks every 2 minutes and barley able to feel my legs.

At this moment I was pretty happy this wasn’t a first date or something cause I don’t think I would have made a very good first impression because whew! Was I out of shape or what?

At the end of all this, it was fun! We explored and did something new which encouraged us to do another hike! Which was the one at “Walling nature reserve” but I will wait to tell that embarrassing story in another blog.

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